The story of anymaka

Back in 2020, I met Raymond on a flight back to Hong Kong. We got to talking about our love for hammocks, and we couldn’t help but notice how outdated hammock stands were. I mean, in a world with all this crazy tech, why were hammock stands stuck in the dark ages? So the moment we landed, we decided to team up and fix this problem. And that’s how anymaka was born.

The word, “hammock” comes from the Spanish word, “hamaca”, which, in turn, comes from the Arawakan (Taino) root word, “-maka” meaning, “stretch of cloth”. We incorporated the word, “anywhere” into it and created the brand name, “Anymaka” which means, “a stretch of cloth that can go anywhere”. And that becomes our mission: to bring that chill hammock vibe to any spot you want to hang out.

To make this happen, we quickly built an engineering team based in China and Hong Kong working closely with our manufacturers. Our intense two-year product development process was filled with prototyping, testing, and relentless redesigning. We were on a mission to make our hammock stand lighter, tougher, and a breeze to pack.

This was our very first prototype. It couldn’t even handle the weight of a little kid. In the coming months, we tried tweaking and refining it and went through multiple iterations.

In the end, we had to ditch the entire initial design. It hit us hard as we had poured so much time and effort into it.

Deciding to carry on, a second concept was built. With a more robust design, enhanced portability, and smoother operation, it became the foundation of our future improvements.

We kept pushing forward, continuously refining and iterating upon this fundamentally solid design. We put it to the test, pushing its load-bearing capacity to the limits. Throughout this process, we also focused on perfecting our sunshade design, striving for the ultimate goal of being lightweight, using minimal fabric, ensuring maximum stability, making it easy to set up, and achieving the best possible sunshade effect.