10.25th Update 

Dear customers, 

Thank you for your support along the way. Over the past few weeks, some of our warehouses have received the first batch of anymaka and they are ready to deliver! We are now sorting the orders and the delivery will be started soon this week for the first batch! 

A notification email will be sent to you once we have updated your tracking number, please stay tuned. We will update the detailed plan for the first batch delivery. If you are not in the first batch, please be patient since more batch is arriving soon and we will arrange local delivery as quickly as we can. We know it’s been delayed and we are now doing our best to make it faster. 

We sincerely appreciate your understanding! 


anymaka Team


9.19 Update – Shipping Progress

We appreciate your patience and continued support. Here, we would like to provide you with an update on our shipping progress.

Please refer to the table below for all inventory that has been dispatched from our manufacturer and the estimated arrival dates at various warehouses. As of today, we’ve shipped a total of 3252 anymaka hammock stands along with their accessories.

For orders from other asian countries/regions, we will ship directly from our factory soon.

We’ll start shipping orders that have been confirmed once inventory reaches the respective warehouses. Should you have any inquiries regarding shipping or your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

anymaka Team


8.30 Update

Everything you need to know about recently

In this update, we’ll fill you in on what’s been happening recently and how it might affect you.

anymaka is committed to transparency in our production and shipping processes. Regarding the recent intellectual property dispute, following the advice of our attorneys we may not be able to provide exact details but can high level updates to keep you informed. We could have quietly resolved the issue, but you’ve been with us all the way here, and we believe you all deserve an explanation.

Production Progress

We’ve procured a sufficient quantity of materials and components to manufacture enough products for all our backers. Originally, we wanted to hire more people to speed up production, but due to the current intellectual property dispute issue, we’ve decided to postpone this plan and reduce our production rate to about 2,000-2,500 units per month. Instead, we’ll focus on packaging, shipping, and quality checks at the end of this month. If the dispute gets resolved by September, we might reconsider expanding our production capacity once again.

Shipping Progress

When we used the term “first batch,” we were referring to a series of shipments that were planned for late August to early September. These shipments are intended to fulfill the orders of the initial 2500 backers.

As we mentioned in the previous update, we shipped out a high cube container to the warehouse in the western United States. Just yesterday, we completed the second shipment to a warehouse in the eastern United States. We’re planning to send products to other countries by the end of this month or in early September.

Intellectual Property Dispute Process

On July 14th, we received an unexpected Cease and Desist letter from Kammok. They have accused us of patent infringement. We were shocked to be accused of any patent infringement as we had done the patent searches with our American IP lawyers before designing our product. We were sure that there was no way we were stepping on anyone’s toes.

After a full review of the claims and allegations made by Kammok, our legal team confirmed that our product didn’t have the “footprint adjustment bar” described in Kammok’s patent, making any infringement extremely unlikely. We thought it was all just a misunderstanding, so we replied to their attorney and Kickstarter. At that point, Kickstarter didn’t take any action based on Kammok’s claims because Kickstarter requires a court order to process claims of patent infringment.

Now, fast forward to August 18th. After failing to take down our Kickstarter campaign through allegations of patent infringment, Kammok switched their strategy and asserted that our product components were infringing upon their copyright or trade dress. Under DMCA regulations, Kickstarter had no choice but to temporarily pause our project until we countered their claim. Interestingly, Kammok doesn’t actually own any copyright/trade dress registrations or applications

Even a first year law student knows that you can’t copyright functional components. The components they claimed were purely practical/functional and had simple or universal shapes. They weren’t unique, and there were no copyright records for them. To put it in simpler terms, it’s like trying to copyright the basic design of a doorknob that’s been in use for decades by multiple people in the industry. Last week, we submitted our comprehensive DMCA counter notification to Kickstarter explaining in detail why there was not any kind of infringment. Kickstarter thanked us for our cooperation and immediately forwarded the DMCA counter notification to Kammok. Kickstarter mentioned that if Kammok didn’t initiate legal action regarding the copyright within the next few weeks, our project could get back on track. 

So, this is what’s happened so far, and here’s what might happen next:

In the next few weeks after Kickstarter forwards our counter notification, if Kammok doesn’t respond, Kickstarter should bring back our campaign.

After our campaign resumes, the countdown of our campaign continues. After it ends, we will send you a survey to collect your shipping info and color options for your anymaka hammock(if any). The shipping will be arranged from our warehouse after we receive your survey response.

We will keep you posted on the progress. Regardless of how this unfolds, we’re committed to ensuring our backers get the products they’ve been expecting.

Shipping Delay & New Plan

Regrettably, the recent dispute has affected our timeline. We anticipate that some backers may face a one-month delay in receiving their products.

Initially, we aimed to ship products from late August to early September from our warehouses in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and Japan. We intended to ship inventory to the countries with more backers based on estimated quantities and then to countries with fewer backers after the survey meant to collect their order details.

However, due to the current dispute, the order details we expected to confirm in early September will now need to wait until probably early October. This means we will have to postpone the shipping from our warehouse until we can confirm your order details (which will be after our campaign ends successfully).

For the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, we’ll stick to our original plan for late August to early September. Other countries’ shipments will follow once we confirm your orders.

*The table below displays shipments we’ve already sent and those we’re preparing to send soon. Additionally, we’ll be arranging more shipments in early September.

Please note the dates mentioned above are our best guesses based on what we know today and delays can happen. If our new timeline doesn’t quite align with what you were expecting, please know and we fully understand if you need to reconsider your pledges. Still, we hope that you’ll rejoin our community once we’ve overcome this temporary speed bump and resolved these issues because we have faith in the products we’ve put so much heart into.

Thank you for being patient with us! and thank you for being a member of the anymaka family.


8.19 Update

Today, we shipped out anymaka’s first container, a high cube container, which can hold more than 1,000 backer orders. This batch of products, which went through several weeks of rigorous quality testing (including extreme impact and static testing), is destined for a warehouse in the western United States and is expected to arrive in about a month (around September 20th).

The second batch shipment has been confirmed for crating around August 27th, and is expected to arrive at a warehouse in the eastern United States around mid to late October.

The European and Canadian shipments will be shipped to our local warehouses around mid-September.

The other Asian countries will be shipped directly from our warehouse in China after the project is completed, with an approximate delivery time of less than two weeks.

Thank you very much for your trust in our team, we will keep you updated on our shipping and production schedule, please stay tuned!


8.18 Update

Over the past few days, we’ve been preparing and packaging your orders. We’re excited to announce that the first batch of shipments is scheduled to be dispatched around August 20th!

Our team has been working tirelessly to ensure that every product is carefully packed and ready for sea freight. This marks a significant milestone for us, and we’re grateful for your patience and support throughout this journey.

As we approach the shipping date, we will continue to keep you updated. We understand how eager you are to receive your anymaka products, and we’re committed to ensuring a smooth delivery process.


7.31 Update

About Production Progress

Our production started in mid-July, and we have already produced over 1,000 units. Currently, we are scaling up the production rate to 3,000 units per month. Also, the production will get faster as the assembly line gains proficiency in the process.

Additionally, we also began mass production of hammocks, cup holders, and canopy kits on July 20th.

About Shipping and Delivery

Around August 20th, we’re planning to ship out the first batch via sea freight. The initial batch will be dispatched to warehouses in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan, to fulfill the orders of the first 2,500 backers.

These backers can expect to receive your orders sometime between late September to late October. As for Asian countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, and China, we will arrange separate shipments during the same period. 

About the Products Package

Each anymaka stand will be carefully folded and placed inside its included travel bag, cushioned with foam padding to prevent folded legs and arms from colliding, and then further packed into a carton. For customers who have selected the Hammock Set Tier, the hammock will be placed inside the travel bag as well.

Similarly, for Full Pack customers, both the hammock and canopy kit will be placed inside the travel bag with the anymaka stand as shown in the photo below. Any extra add-ons will be shipped separately.

We have conducted rigorous stress and drop tests on this packaging method to ensure its resilience during transportation. We aim to deliver the products intact to each and every customer.